Why wasn't my exemption certificate accepted?

There are a few important things to take into consideration when validating your exemption certificate.  If your exemption form is not being accepted, it is most likely because the form you provided was invalid, out of date, or missing important information. We have listed below the most common exemption certificate errors:

  • Document (letter, email) is not recognized by state taxing authorities
    • Exemption certificates/letters may vary from state from state.  cleverbridge offers the option to complete an SST form, found below, when the certificate provided to us is not recognized by state taxing authorities.

  • Missing issue date
    • We receive different types of exemption certificates every day. However, an exemption certificate has to indicate the signed date within 90 days of sale. This signed date still needs to be shown on your certificate even though it will also contain an expiration date.

  • Vendor/seller name
    • Your organization is not required to indicate a vendor name.  However, should a vendor name be listed on it, cleverbridge, Inc. is the vendor name you should use.

  • cleverbridge's address should be shown as follows:  350 N Clark St, #700, Chicago, IL 60654

  • Inclusion of name or address other than the direct buyer
    • When making a purchase on behalf of an organization, it's full name and address must be indicated on the exemption certificate.

  • Product purchased or description of goods purchased
    • No lengthy details are required, but you will be required to indicate a short description of your purchase. Also, do not include the specific name of the software purchase.

  • Incorrect/missing claim type
    • Most certificates require you to mark the claim type, such as non-profit organization, religious, school or government entity, etc.

  • Wrong state ID/Wrong state
    • Once we have reviewed and accepted your exemption form, cleverbridge still has to validate your exemption status with the respective state tax authority. If the wrong tax ID/account number/permit is provided, the tax authorities will inform us and advise us to obtain the correct tax ID on the form.

  • Missing signature

Not a tax-exempt organization but still need help?

If you are you a customer inquiring about an order you placed with one of our partners for software or another type of online service, we have helpful information for you, too.  Please visit our Featured Articles section or look up your order using our easy-to-use purchase lookup tool.

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