I am with a tax-exempt organization and would like to place an order without being charged sales tax. What steps should I follow?

If you wish to place an order for software with one of our partners and it should be exempt from sales tax, you must first obtain a cleverbridge Document ID. 

These are the steps you should take to obtain the ID:

  1. Please send a completed exemption certificate to us at payments-us@cleverbridge.com.  This link provides a pdf version of a multi-state exemption certificate you can complete and send to us.  Fully completing this document will provide us with all of the information we need to issue your Document ID.

  2. Pre-sale:  Once you are provided with a cleverbridge Document ID, you can enter the ID into the shopping cart in the field where, "Are you a sales tax-exempt organization?", is located.

  3. Post-sale:  cleverbridge can refund sales tax from a previous purchase if you did not have a Document ID at the time the order was placed.  However, we can only do so within 90 days of the purchase.  Additionally, you must first take the actions outlined above and send us your completed exemption certificate so that we can issue the ID and your refund. 

Not a tax-exempt organization but still need help?

If you are you a customer inquiring about an order you placed with one of our partners for software or another type of online service, we have helpful information for you, too.  Please visit our Featured Articles section or look up your order using our easy-to-use purchase lookup tool.


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