Who should I contact if I’m having trouble with my product?

When you need technical support, it’s best to get in touch with the experts.  Our partners offer outstanding support for their products and contacting them is easy.  We’ve included links to reach our most popular partner’s dedicated support teams below.  They’ll be happy to assist you with questions about:

  • Installing your product
  • Features
  • Compatibility
  • Error messages/Troubleshooting
  • Upgrade eligibility
  • Anything else relating to the product itself

If you don’t see the company you ordered from in the list below, please check the confirmation email we sent you when your payment was processed.  You’ll find contact information near the bottom under “Technical or Product-Related Support”.  If you don’t have that email, try our easy-to-use Purchase Lookup page, and we’ll send you your information again.

By clicking the corresponding logo below, you will be redirected. 

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