How do I receive a refund?

In many cases, a refund can easily be granted once you provide us with your request and after we have checked some basic order information such as the company you purchased from, your purchase date, and what payment method you chose.

Based on all that information, we will either send you a validation e-mail to continue with the refund process, or ask you to contact our team separately.

If you would like to request a full refund of your order, please fill out this this form. Please note that partial refunds are not possible here. If you need a partial or a VAT/sales tax refund, please contact our Customer Service Team


Have product or installation questions?

If you’re asking for a refund because you’re having trouble installing or using the product or service you purchased, you might also consider contacting the provider directly for technical support.  Many issues can be cleared up quickly by our partners’ dedicated support teams.  You can find their contact information in your confirmation email, or on our technical support page. Of course, if they’re unable to resolve your issue or you don’t wish to receive support, just visit the contact form above and we’ll review your request as soon as possible.


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