What is this charge from cleverbridge on my credit / debit card?

cleverbridge processes secure online orders for a number of software providers and digital media companies. The charge you see on your statement indicates a recent online purchase or subscription renewal you have made with one of these companies.

To inquire further about a charge on your credit/debit card, please visit our purchase lookup page.

If you need further assistance, please contact cleverbridge Customer Support.

Was your Turkish-issued credit card recently declined?

A new law affecting ecommerce transactions for Turkish credit card issuers will go into effect on August 17th, 2017.  These card issuers must now obtain consent from their card holders to perform ecommerce transactions, such as those done on the cleverbridge platform.  If the card holder does not give consent, the card issuer must decline the transaction.

Turkish credit card issuers are currently seeking consent from their card holders.  Should you have any additional questions about this new law, or if you would like to enable your credit card for ecommerce, please contact your credit card issuer directly.

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