I need support with my Avira subscription/account/license. Can you help me?

Your Avira account is a convenient way for you to easily view and manage your order information, all of your licenses, payments and subscriptions and to view Avira's support options. Below are frequently asked questions. Please contact Avira's support here (scroll down to "Contact Avira") if you still need help as cleverbridge cannot assist you with any Avira related inquiries or questions. 

  • How can I deactivate the automatic renewal of my Avira subscription?


  • How can I receive a refund for my Avira order?


  • How can I retrieve my Avira order information?


  • Does Avira provide phone support?


  • How can I log into my Avira Connect account?


  • Why did my Avira license renew automatically?


  • How can I transfer my Avira license to a new device?


  • How can I change my payment method for future Avira subscription renewals?


  • I can’t use my Avira product and need support. Who should I contact?


  • I can’t access my Avira account.  What should I do?
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