How do I place an order in the name of a company that is registered with a VAT ID within the EU?

Cleverbridge GmbH, registered in Germany, is the seller of the product and as such obliged to request payment of VAT from all customers based in the EU.
As of January 2015, applicable EU law requires that the VAT rate of the customer's country of residence be applied.

Please note: If you are a customer who wants to place an order on behalf of a company in the EU (this does not apply to German customers), you can use the VAT Identification Number of your company to have the VAT removed.

In certain cases, it might be necessary to register for VAT purposes via a revenue agency (especially Spanish, Italian, Polish customers).
In order to make sure that you enter a valid VAT ID, you can connect with the official website of the European Union via the link here

Your VAT ID number will only be accepted during the order process if you are indicating your complete data as registered with the authorities. The corporate name and the legal form of your company, as well as the company site, have to be consistent with the registered data with the authorities.

In case you are a non-profit organisation within the EU, please fill out section 6 on the Tax Exemption Document here.

You can contact your local tax office for all inquiries concerning your VAT ID number.

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